Elgin’s Art & Soul on the Fox – Art Fair

Another weekend, another art fair.  Years and years I attended these art fairs, always in awe of the talented people out there and the incredible art they create!  Now I’m one of those artists sitting happily in my booth, chatting to people about what I do, why I do it, where, how, and all sorts of other topics that come up about the nature of my photography.

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Looking for something to do this coming weekend?  Art & Soul on the Fox is a wonderful art fair with some other entertainment thrown in.  Just the right mix!  You can check out the website here:  Art & Soul on the Fox 2015.  Haven’t been to Elgin in a long time?  It’s changed, lots of new places, shops, restaurants and parks along the river, you really should come check it out.  Or…just come and say hi, visit and catch up a bit!

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Want to see the artists who will be there exhibiting:  2015 Artists
P.S.  I’m in booth 9S on Spring Street

If you’re an artist yourself and have ever considered adding art fairs to your “Gee, I’d really love to sell my artwork but not sure how or where” list of things to do I’ve put together a  FREE ART FAIR GUIDE (click the link to have it sent.) It’s a working document and I’m always open for suggestions, comments, and anything I may have overlooked.  Art fairs are a lot of work, which I may have mentioned a time or two in the guide!  They can also be fun and rewarding.

Hope to see you this weekend!


Creative Commons

Creative Commons

How do you feel about Creative Commons?  I know there are both ends of the spectrum here but I’m beginning to sway my thinking so am looking for more feedback.

I was in a seminar this past weekend and the speaker said Creative Commons is the way to go – now…with that whole change at Yahoo/Flickr about the use of Creative Commons images I still wonder what’s best.

So….what do you think???

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