Putting Yourself Out There

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I post these sorts of things in hopes of inspiring those of you who want to pursue your hobby a bit more.  Honestly – I started out small and with the “You never know what can happen” attitude.   I’m still small – I still have that attitude.

What I do know – is that if you don’t put yourself out there (see my last similar post), nothing will happen.  If you don’t do the work, nothing will happen.  You have to make an effort, you can’t just ‘be’ out there and expect things to happen.  You still have to promote, be active and put yourself, you, who you are, what and why you do what you do, out there.

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What are you doing today to move in the direction you want to go?



What Do You Listen To?

Movie selfie

I’ve become obsessed with listening to instrumental movie soundtracks while I work.  They make me feel like I’m accomplishing things, big epic sweeps of music and quiet concentrating bits to go along with it.    I’ve become quite a fan of Hans Zimmer​ in the process!

What do you listen to while you work?  While you edit? While you shoot?  Let me know in the comments, maybe we’ll all find something new to add to our playlists!  Have a great week!


No Trespassing or Let’s Go Down This Rabbit Hole

Bridge Out

What do you do when you feel stuck?  What motivates you to continue doing whatever it is you do? How do you deal with road blocks? How do you handle distractions?   These are questions that continually pop up in my head for myself.  Some days I can handle these with no problem, other days I just shut down.

Feeling stuck is part of the process, I get that.  We all go through it and we all handle it differently.  There are many factors involved that can cause us to get to that I just can’t create anything, or anything worth putting out there place.  The internal, self-inflicted factors I can deal with.  It’s the out of our control and/or “we could actually change this situation but in reality we can’t” situations that make me crabby (just ask my hubby!)

For what seems like months I’ve been muddling through, not really getting out and shooting much and not really accomplishing much either.  Lord knows I have a huge backlog of images (don’t we all?) that I could be working on.  Why don’t I?  Maybe I should make that into little projects and blogs posts.  Will that help get me motivated to just finish one thing or part of one thing?

Do you ever write something down on a to do list just for the sole purpose of crossing it off?  I tied my shoes today, cross that off the list! Yay!!

Too much on my plate. Learning to say no. Helping people. Doing things that aren’t in line with your creative path.  These are all things that need to be addressed in my life and I’m guessing in yours as well.  I will address them but I think it’s a bit much for one blog post so consider this the first in what I’m hoping will help me and in turn help you get through, over, under, past some of these road blocks.  (At least I already have post #2 for this in the wings!!)

Putting this out there to you and perhaps the Universe – what are your thoughts? What do you do? Come on tell me in the comments!

What do you get out of this?  Hopefully something will resonate with you and you’ll have an AHA moment, or you’ll realize that you’re not alone in all this.  Why do we always think we’re the only one in the world going through something anyway?  Maybe you’ll find some inspiration in some of my words, one of my images or someone else’s comments here.  Is that enough?  For now?  I think so!

Let’s hear your stories and ideas!

and…stay tuned.



P.S.  I would love if you would post your comments public, unless you have your reasons for not I get that.  If they are public though then everyone can benefit from your insights as well!

The Bean at Night

Just a quick post – one of the crowd favorites at the Elgin’s Art & Soul on the Fox art fair this past weekend.

Bean at Night
©Lauri Novak Photography – All Rights Reserved

The Bean at Night

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