Be More!

Canon on Rust - Be More.jpg

Rough first week back after an incredible trip (see my last post).  I go through this post trip depression every time I travel.  I try really hard to not let it affect me, but it’s a struggle.

Many more posts to come with birds, bears, walruses, seals, icebergs, glaciers and amazing scenery accompanied by some really great new friends!

Also – just a heads up – over on my website check this out:  Workshops!  Stay tuned!

Anything you’d like to hear from me? About my trip? What’s your workshop interest? Anything?  Just ask in the comments or send me a private note!

Thanks!!  Happy 4th of July Weekend to my stateside friends!


P.S.  Want a copy of this graphic/sentiment – email me or catch me on any of my social media channels – would love for you to share this!


Author: Lauri Novak Photography

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