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Hello there!

I wanted to share my latest Photofocus article:

Source: Shooting and Seeing Art in Automobiles

As always, if you have questions, comments please let me know.

I am off for an unplanned road trip next week so am hoping to get back to this site more regularly when I return.

Don’t forget:


I will be giving away 3 metal prints of various sizes. When you sign up for either the blog, events or to stay in touch you will be entered to win one of the following:

1st)  a 16×24 metal print of Winter Bridge: (a $250 value)
2nd) an 11×14 metal print of Man vs. City: (a $125 value)
3rd) an 11×14 metal print of Crown Fountain Stream: (a $125 value)
Don’t worry, if you are a current subscriber you’ll be entered to win as well.


In honor of my new home I’m offering 50% off any orders. Prices are already discounted, no coupon code needed.

While you’re exploring take a minute to fill out the Stay In Touch section at the bottom of the home page.

If you follow this blog please head over to my new blog space and follow me over there. If you do that, unfollow me here so you don’t get duplicates. I will duplicate posts here for awhile just so everyone gets the chance to move their follow over to my new home. Thank you for following!


Author: Lauri Novak Photography

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