Orchids – Chicago Botanical Garden

I’m not a flower person, but


This is just a quick, one image post, short story about my morning at the Chicago Botanical Gardens.  Continue reading “Orchids – Chicago Botanical Garden”

Raspberry Bokeh

I’m guessing that line’s been used before but it’s what popped in my head when I was editing this.

pink-brush-floral-bokeh-2017-lauri-novakMe, playing with new stuff!! Continue reading “Raspberry Bokeh”

Rainy Days & Art Fairs

I so wish I’d had my camera with me and I couldn’t really stop to even shoot with my phone so I decided since my phone was in the mount on the dash I would just turn the GPS/map off and shoot video instead. Continue reading “Rainy Days & Art Fairs”

The Arctic Photography Symposium and Expedition – A Summary

Lauri in the Arctic - Ron Clifford Image

So much to tell!  So many images to share – imagine that, right?   Continue reading “The Arctic Photography Symposium and Expedition – A Summary”