Where Have I Been?

I’m still here…

Miami Color along the Beach ©2017 Lauri Novak.jpgI’m still here – just a quick update for you.

I’m in the middle of changing EVERYTHING!  No small plans!  Daniel Burnham actually said it much better: Continue reading “Where Have I Been?”

Can you make money selling your photos, check this out

Sharing this from Mike Moats – Disheartening?  Discouraging?  Maybe, but I don’t think it will stop those of us who are passionate about sharing our work and our knowledge with others. Continue reading “Can you make money selling your photos, check this out”

2017 Lauri Novak Photography Calendar

2017 Lauri Novak Photography Calendars

My 2017 Calendar is available for ordering now!


The calendars will be 8.5×11 (11×17 open) with a spiral binding.  They are larger than the 2016 calendar and will be $15 (plus shipping).

Yes, I’d like a please click on Yes, I’d like a calendar!, fill in the form and I will get back to you with your total and how you can pay.

If you have any questions please contact me at laurinov2@gmail.com or leave me a comment here.

Interested in individual prints?  You can order directly from here.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as I make my way down this path further and further a little at a time!


We are loving our National Parks to Death and the Grave is not a Pretty One

Sad state of the times we live in. I’ll leave my opinion/comments out of it.


dsc_0065 Great Sand Dunes National Park

I was 6 years old with waist length blond hair tied up in two pigtails traipsing around Yellowstone National Park topless. I wasn’t trying to be sexy, I just hated wearing clothes when I hiked. The solitude in Yellowstone provided me a stark contrast to our populated life back in Ohio. My parents took vacations every summer to different National Parks showing my brother and I the beauty of America. We had PB&J picnics in Yosemite Valley gazing up at El Cap as my Dad told me to never be a rock climber. We visited the Sequoia Giants and Redwoods, sat for hours waiting for unpredictable geysers to erupt in Yellowstone, scrambled around rocks in Mesa Verde, and explored the Fiery Furnace in Arches. My Dad had 2 rolls of film that my mom would take to the grocery store to develop. We’d wait a week and…

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Pre-Order Aurora HDR 2017!

You have 7 days left to Pre-Order!! Check out the deal and bonuses!

Lauri Novak Photography


Me?  Promoting an Editing software?  HDR even?  It’s funny isn’t it?  If you know me at all you know I’m not a huge post processing person.  I can’t imagine spending hours/days on one image, that’s just not my style.  That said, I’ve actually had a chance to play around with this a little (very little to be honest because…time!) but I’m excited to actually dig in and learn it. 

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