Leaving the Camera Behind (again!)

The Palmer House Hilton – A Historic Hotel in Chicago


The last couple of days I was downtown Chicago for work. I stayed at the Palmer House Hilton for the first time.  I’ve been inside the lobby area and the street level elevator area but that’s it. I always knew it was gorgeous, has a wonderful history and that at some point I wanted to take the time to shoot there. This was not that time.  Continue reading “Leaving the Camera Behind (again!)”

Chicago Riverwalk – A portion

The Chicago Riverwalk at night is magical!

Many of you know I organize the monthly Drink & Click events in Chicago.  If you’re not familiar check them out and if you’re from the area or visiting let me know so we can add to our awesome group! Continue reading “Chicago Riverwalk – A portion”

The Road is Long

The Road is Long

The Road is Long

I have been quite absent from posting lately, from editing lately, from shooting lately….ahhh well.  Here’s a quick edit of an image from a few weeks ago when I made time to get out and play!   Is it great? Is it one of my best? No…but it’s an image, I was out and I edited it.  So here you go!

I have a new toy, I got it a week ago.  It’s been plugged in once to upload the software to my computer.  Hasn’t seen the light of day since.  😦  I want to play with my new toy.  Maybe next week!