What Happens in Vegas with 100+ Photogs Does Not Stay in Vegas!

Vegas packing

Memories from one year ago  (March 2015) – worthy of re-sharing.

Well I started to post this and then I read Sam Breach’s post on Google+ Vegas and can’t see through the damn tears.  Sam summed it up quite perfectly – click on the Vegas link to see her post.

My take on the weekend:


I have no room in my suitcase for my clothes.

My suitcase is overflowing already;
with new friends,
with new inspiration,
with new stories,
with new admiration,
with new thoughts,
with an amount of laughter that there is no word for,
with a new definition of the word Introvert,
with renewed appreciation,
with renewed friendships,
with new views,
with new aspirations,
with new memories,
and with just a few new photographs!

Overflowing with so much that there are just no ways of easily describing it.  I hope that each and every one of you, including those of you who couldn’t be physically in Vegas, take all of these things, all that you learned, saw, felt and discovered about each other and yourselves during this adventure and continue down this amazing path we’re all on together, continue to share and continue to fill your own suitcases with multitudes of all of these things!

I hope you can’t carry your suitcases because they are so freaking heavy with the amount of love that has been shared over the past 3 days, love that can’t be explained or contained.

BIG FAT HUGE HUGS (because quite obviously there were far too few of those) TO ALL OF YOU!!

What was this all about you ask?  For the last 4 years there has been a photography scavenger hunt over on Google+ (no, it’s not dead!) started by the incredible Chrysta Rae. It’s grown from 70 people to 500 people signing up within an hour when sign-ups are posted.  It’s grown into an amazing community and family of photographers who thrive on learning, growing, helping and teaching each other.  This is the first time in 4 years we met in person!  The words to describe the weekend are impossible to conjure up.  It’s indescribable to those who are not part of it. All I can do is offer up a few photos, link you to a few other blog posts from those who have also attempted to put this weekend of fun, family, friends and photography into words.  So, check out these to read more:  Nancy Levan posted this: Meeting My Tribe  & Jayme Spoolstra posted this: Aftershocks.

Go searching the hashtag #tgsmu15 on Google+ and Facebook – you’ll find wonderful scenery, gorgeous landscapes, sunrises, tons of fun portraits and many many laughs!!

I’ll likely share a few more posts with some image of the weekend just to give you a little taste of the places we visited!  (I still have images to go through and share!)



This quote popped up in my Google+ stream today

MonoLakeSky with quote

This quote popped up today in my Google+ stream.  It’s been a theme of sorts lately in discussions I’ve had with some of those who both inspire and kick me in the artistic rear as well.

The image is by one of those people: Karen Hutton  If you don’t know who she is you really should go check out her page.  Inspiring. Motivational. Funny. Fun. Just a few words one might use to describe her.

The cool thing is, this image and quite a few others are available for you to use, for FREE! You can get them here:  KAREN HUTTON FREE STOCK IMAGES.  Do I have my own images I could use?  Of course, I’m a photographer.  It’s part of what I love about the photographic community though – we all love to share.

I really have a lot more to say on the subject of the way we choose to look at life and any given situation but that’s for another post.  Time for me to go put my feet up and maybe clear my head of the clutter that seeped in today.

One last thing – if you download Karen’s images – I’d love to see what you use them for.  Please be sure to read the terms of use and as good internet users, always use fair attribution which is explained when you download the image pack.  🙂

Burberry – Chicago Style

I’m not a shopper, in fact I really really dislike shopping, but I’ve been wanting to shoot the Burberry Chicago Michigan Avenue Store ever since it went up.

I’m not a shopper, in fact I really really dislike shopping,  but I’ve been wanting to shoot the Burberry Chicago Michigan Avenue Store ever since it went up.  The lines, the reflections, oh the photographic options!   I finally ended up there, with my camera during a Drink & Click Chicago event.  Never mind that it was likely one of the busiest days for shoppers, never mind that it was actually warm in December in Chicago which meant even more shoppers, and never mind that I’m not always so good with shooting with a group of people.  I did it anyway, because I was there.

Here are a few of my shots.  I will go back!

B is forBurberry #3Burberry Warm & CoolDouble DanielleRushing Through ChristmasSanta Adam Burberry Selfie

Me & Burberry

For more information on the architecture: Burberry Chicago.

To purchase any of these or other Chicago images click here:  Chicago by Lauri.

As always I welcome any questions or comments!


Art & Seeing

Art is not what you see…

Art is not what you see Quote ©Lauri Novak Photography

I don’t normally add text (or my logo) to my images but this morning I’ve had a few people verbalize what this moment, in this place and shooting this shot meant to me.  I’m always happy to see an image create emotions and feelings in those who view my work.

This quote by Edgar Degas is hanging in my office.  It’s what I strive for in my own work.

Happy Monday – Happy Thanksgiving week if that’s something you celebrate.  I’ll spare you the whole, what I feel has become cliche’, thankfulness post.

(Click here to purchase a print of this image without the quote.)

The Bean at Night

Just a quick post – one of the crowd favorites at the Elgin’s Art & Soul on the Fox art fair this past weekend.

Bean at Night
©Lauri Novak Photography – All Rights Reserved

The Bean at Night

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